Instylish Back To Renaissance Makeup Sponge

$18.69 $21.99

The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.” — Michelangelo, Italian Artist, Sculptor, and Painter

An airbrushed and natural-finish look, that’s what we all want. Designed for all faces shapes, the sponges deliver a bouncy feeling for contouring, highlighting on different bone structures. Maximize your beauty application with just right amount of product.

What's in Collection:

  • Dewdrop Emerald
  • One-side Caramel
  • Two-side Tempranillo
  • Two-side Mini-moon Edge Rose

Blended everything nicely and left my face looking flawless.” - @Madelleyn, Beauty Influencer

How to Use: Damp It or Use It Dry Dip into your favorite makeup and blend

Keep It Clean: Wash in warm water. Rinse and let air-dry.

Latex-free. Non-allergenic. Odor-free. Animal-friendly.

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