The Best Makeup look of 2019 MTV Video Music Awards

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Melissa Simpson

September 3,2019

Melissa Simpson

September 3,2019

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The MTV Video Music Awards also known as the VMA’s are among the hottest events which happen every year to honor the best artist in the music industry. Having been called the “super bowel of youth” if you have caught glimpses of commercials from 2019 VMA’s, super hit performances by Taylor swift and Missy Elliot might have caught your eye and have made you wait impatiently for the event to show on air. But do people really care about tuning into music? Or there is something else which attracts the eye of spectators. It’s some of the audacious, bold and quirky beauty looks worn by some of the famous artist, which makes their fans eager to have a look at.Song artists, leverage from this opportunity given to them by VMA’s try out bold extraordinary beauty looks, wear unique outfits and avow bizarre hairstyles. It’s a chance for them to set their own new fashion statements and wow the world by portraying their own sense of individuality encouraging youth to become more confident, bold and extraordinary. Fans were eager to witness distinct styles incorporated in outfits, makeup and hairstyles of their famous artists. From rainbow colored roots worn by Halsey, to a drugstore highlight worn by a millionaire artist, to fancy bedazzled props carried by Keke Palmer, these famous artists tend to pull off an amazing show just as they arrived on the red carpet. Let’s have a look at one of the most outstanding beauty looks form the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid wowed everyone by showing up in a nude dull make up look, making everyone realize the important of going simple. With her minimalistic look she set an example of being confident in your own natural color which was seen as an inspiration for young girls who believe rather too much in the power of a bold, bright and an exaggerate makeup look. With her nude lip shade which matched her shimmering gold eyeshadow, a generous puff of highlighter and her open natural hair along with a gold chain necklace she stood out from the crowd.  

Taylor swift

Taylor swift being the queen of class kept it snazzy on the red carpet. With her shimmery champagne eye shadow glancing from her blonde fringe, peachy cheeks finished off with a bright red lipstick gave an outstanding finish to her multi-colored, chain-printed emanated blazer from Versace. She kept it real on the red carpet through her messy look and signature bold lip.  


Halsey kept it wacky on the red carpet with her rainbow roots which completely stood out and wowed the viewers. Her peachy orangish blush and nude lipstick to complement her edgy rustic outfit with her bold tattoos went great with her playful aesthetic image which she carried bluntly.

Adriane lima

Adriane Lima pulled off a sublime look in a dark blueish green maxi dress. She gave off a subtle yet a sexy look with her exquisite, cool toned makeup to enhance the beauty of her captivating eyes. Finishing it off with nude shades used all over and a peachy lipstick, this Brazilian beauty went on with smashing a sporty wet look on the red carpet. 


Keke palmer

Keke palmer was surely the star of the night. She went with bedazzling yellow high neck sequined outfit and a sleek bun. For her makeup she opted for glossy lips in an attempt to not over shadow her greenish gold metallic eye shadow which was the highlight of her look. Keeping her cheeks slightly contoured she gave off a quirky look with her gold bedazzling classic telephone prop, making her look outstanding in the photos and on the red carpet.

Queen Latifah 

Queen Latifah managed to pull of one of the most lustrous looks in her lifetime on the red carpet. Going for something between no makeup and too much makeup she managed to pull off most balancing look ofall times. With black long eyelashes curled to perfection, simple contouring and a slight shimmering eyeshade in white she opted for bright red glossy lips to complement her red manicure.