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Longer Looking Lashes 

Not Only Stand Out But Stand Apart

The Secret To Naturally Grow Your Lashes

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2019’s Award Winning Growth and Enhancement Mascara (Awarded By Doctors) 

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For the flutteriest, glossiest lashes, this plumping, lengthening mascara is formulated with pea peptide essence added, which speeds up the growth of eyelashes. Brush is designed to reach every lash for big volume with 360-degree reach.

Introducing world’s most innovative, most extraordinary, cleanest, plant-based, results-driven mascara ever to be made!!!

The Best Ingredients

Pea Peptide is a complete source of essential amino acids, most notably lysine, which is an essential building block for human cells. It is this unique balance of nutrients that give this nourishing peptide its beneficial hair volumizing, anti-aging, cell regenerative, antioxidant, conditioning and strengthening properties.

Ergonomic Tube Design

Applying mascara effectively is all about geometry. Women’s hands need to twist into all kinds of angles to reach lashes that grow in slightly different directions. The new fun and functional Lash 360° mascara brush does the bending for them by applying mascara both horizontally and vertically.

Unparalleled Results

Not only do the short, dense bristles grip and lift every lash, but they also work to separate and coat 'em. The massive brush helps separate and coat your lashes, leaving you with a bold, dramatic look. It's the OG tubing mascara and the formula truly works to add both volume and length without smudging or flaking.





Begin at the base of your lashes and sweep the wand outward and upward from root to tip until your desired intensity is achieved. 


Repeat with additional coats for even more extreme drama.


Simultaneously, the mascara contains hair follicle enrichment essence nourish every single eye-lash while promotes growth, leaving thick and dense natural eye-lashes.


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