Silicone Makeup Brush Cleansing Pad

$4.99 $7.99
Color: Pink pad

Why We Love It:

The wash pad is made up of high soft silicone, gently clean the bristles/sponges without damaging your brushes/sponges.

Portable and flexible, easy to carry around.

Great clean capability, deep cleaning of the brush by removing the dust

Durable to use, easy to clean and dry quickly.

Widely used. Various makeup brushes can be cleaned, such as eyelash brush, blush brush, etc, as well the makeup sponges.

Come with a suction cup on the back, can be sucked against the smooth ceramic wall in bathroom.


How To Use It:

Step1. Put proper shampoo on the container and use brush touch shampoo

Step2: Gently rub brushes on the cleansing pad

Step3. The brush was cleared.

Step4. Use a clean and dry towel to pack brush for a while to dry.

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